Beauty Boosters: Vitamins and Supplements for a Healthy Glow

Nowadays, people spend a lot of money and energy in search of beauty and health. But do not forget that the basis for healthy skin and the body as a whole is a balanced diet and vitamins, the sources of youth and beauty.

Women who care about their health and appearance are probably familiar with the principles of a balanced diet. By providing the body with the necessary nutrients, we not only improve our well-being and physical fitness, but also take care of our skin and hair – the mirror of our health.

Nutrients improve our well-being and physical fitness / Photo: Racool Studio

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

This vitamin boosts immunity, helps to successfully heal wounds, participates in the formation of red blood cells and increases the ability to concentrate. The amount of vitamin C in the body decreases under the influence of experienced negative emotions, stress and aging, so it is extremely important to take it in addition. Our skin absorbs vitamins the fastest, so your facial skin will be especially happy if you pamper it with vitamin C serum.

B vitamins

These vitamins are vital for the female body, especially B6, folic acid and B12.

Folic acid is necessary for pregnant women, as it promotes the formation of red blood cells and reduces the risk of developing a neural tube defect in the fetus.

Vitamin B6 helps maintain a healthy nervous system by reducing nervousness, temper tantrums and irritation. Vitamin B12, in turn, produces methionine, which is responsible for feelings of joy, kindness and love. Reduces fatigue, nervousness and painful menstruation.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is similar to a hormone in that it helps stabilize phosphorus and calcium levels in the body. During the dark winter months, this vitamin is vital for keeping the body functioning optimally.

Vitamin E

Vitamin – a helper for dry skin with a tendency to peel. Vitamin E is a key component in the maintenance of the cell membrane and an auxiliary component for the formation of red blood cells. In addition, it will help slow down the aging process.

Raspberries, Apricot and Mango are top fruits high in Vitamin E / Photo: Drobotdean

Omega 3 fatty acids

They help to normalize mood swings, maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, reduce the formation of cholesterol and blood clots in the body. These fatty acids are involved in almost every process in the body.


These are real helpers in the long-term preservation of female beauty. Antioxidants strengthen the body’s immunity and also reduce inflammation. The most popular are alpha- and beta-carotene, which help strengthen the body’s soft tissues, mucous membranes, and bones. It is especially recommended to use them during menopause. One of the most important antioxidants is coenzyme Q10, which can be used not only in the form of vitamins, but also with the help of creams. Great for dry skin and wrinkles.

Taking into account the female physiology and reproductive system, different vitamins and nutritional supplements are needed at each stage of life and age.

Iron supplements are recommended for young girls who have already started menstruating , as sudden fluctuations in hormones in the body can lead to fatigue, increased fatigue, brittle hair and nails. It should be remembered that iron should be taken along with vitamin C for better absorption by the body.

Not only pregnant, but also nursing mothers are advised to take folic acid , as it helps the body recover from pregnancy. It is also recommended to take calcium, iron and zinc. It should be borne in mind that calcium and iron should not be taken at the same time, since calcium blocks the absorption of iron in the body.

Menopausal and postmenopausal women should pay attention to cholesterol levels, since menopause is characterized by a gradual decrease in ovarian function and the transition from the reproductive period to the post-reproductive period. It is also advisable to use supplements to strengthen bones and muscles.


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